I was born in 1982 in IJmuiden (close to Amsterdam), where I am currently living too. I love the sea and the dunes that are close. I always liked to be in nature. For fishing, walking, looking for animals, inspiration, and more.

After studying Watermanagement and having a couple associated jobs, I went on a journey of discovery to explore my creative sides. Making abstract paintings and photography turned out to be what I like a lot. And when I saw works by Gerhard Richter, among others, I knew for sure, I also wanted to work in this style. I was really impressed by the feeling his work could give me. The details, the use of colour. And those colours that blended together so perfectly. It seemed like a difficult task, but full of enthusiasm I went to work. It was great to see myself develop. While painting I normally make quick decisions. I Just directly do what comes in my mind and feels good. With my tools I constantly add new layers or remove paint. Until I suddely have a special feeling inside. Then it’s finished.

My ideas for photography arised along the way, while trying new things. Movements are playing a big part in most types. And editing. I hope that my work will excite you as much as it excites me. And that it can help you, in whatever way it can. Even if it’s just to give a unique atmosphere and look to your space.