Bram van Bakel poseert voor zijn werk.

Bram van Bakel was born in 1982 in IJmuiden (coastal place in the Netherlands), where he is currently living too. Art had not always his interest. As a child, he wanted to become a biologist, but he decided to study Watermanagement after high school. 

The art Bram creates shows a interesting variety. For example, he makes abstract paintings. Because of his many ideas (inspired by nature sometimes), starting a painting could be the most difficult, but when the first paint is on, everything goes fluid, smooth, and fast most of the times. That’s because the way he uses his self-made tools, and because he directly does what comes in his mind and feels right. As a result of of his tools, lots of fine details are often present. As said, his paintings are abstract, so figurative aspects are (almost) not involved. This can’t be said of some of his other art!